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Business unit: paper, paints and varnishes

Filler, paper coating pigment, matting and visual impact chemicals
MARTIFIN- and MARTIGLOSS-type finely precipitated aluminium hydroxides are widely used as special pigments in the paper and board industry where whiteness, opacity, smoothness, gloss, printing properties, and flame retardancy are strongly valued.
PERGOPAK, as a synthetic white pigment, is used for the production of both paper and board to improve paper opacity, and in the paint and varnish industry as a matting additive.
High quality raw materials offer convincing advantages.
In paper production, the advantages of PERGOPAK are the high level of opacity, whiteness, excellent printing properties, and a high paper output with no increase in ash content. For varnishes and paints, ground and classified PERGOPAK yields a high matting capacity, good surface properties, good mechanical strength, and a soft feel effect.
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Our strategic business unit paper, paint and varnish provides specialities based on aluminium hydroxide, aluminium oxide-hydroxide, aluminium oxide and an organic condensation polymer backed by experienced technical service, thus offering integrated solutions in the widest variety of areas of application
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