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Management by system

Quality Management
The quality of external and internal performance represents one essential cornerstone of Martinswerk's business activities. To comply with the quality policy and to reach the quality objectives, Martinswerk has implemented and constantly developed a quality management system already since 1991. It has been assessed and certified by DQS GmbH (German Association for the Certification of Management Systems).
Energy Management
Another objective of Martinswerk is the continual improvement of its energy performance. This includes the increase of energy efficiency as well as reduction of the specific energy consumption at the site. Therefore the management system has been extended by the requirements of energy management, as an integrated system. This has been assessed and certified by DQS GmbH as well.
Management System Inspections
The system is inspected by routine in internal audits and in periodic audits by the certifying association. Other external inspections should be restricted to special cases and mutual agreement only.
Management System Manual
The integrated system has the commitment of the site management and is established in all fields of the company. It is documented in the internal management system manual. This is mandatory for all Martinswerk departments. It covers the relevant processes for all applicable products, as well as for all activities which are necessary to meet the requirements and expectations of the customers as well as other interested parties, in accordance with the quality and energy policies. The manual is provided to external parties in exceptional cases only (in German).

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