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Responsibility to people and environment

Safety, health & environment:
our SHE instructions

Martinswerk views safety of personnel and and protection of the environment as a fundamental task. Therefore, the company has developed procedures pertaining to safety and environment policy to enable its employees to better understand their personal responsibility for safety and protection of the environment.
To better protect its employees, neighbours, customers and consumers as well as the environment, Martinswerk continuously reduces the dangers and risks in production, storage, transportation, sales, application, use, and disposal of its products. From the initial phase of development of new products or production processes, the company takes into account the health, safety, and environment aspects.
Qualification for better safety
The SHE instructions are an integral part of the production practices and form a comprehensive safety system. Selected employees in each production area of the plant have been trained as SHE specialists.
The competence of SHE personnel is frequently up-dated via refresher-training courses. Therefore instrumentation and monitoring devices for environmental protection are always operated and serviced by qualified personnel.
Trust is based on openness
Martinswerk, takes any and all required protective measures when the health of people and environment are involved, works in close co-operation with the local authorities and keeps the public informed accordingly.
In case of threat to the health of people or the environment, Martinswerk, in co-operation with the local authorities (police, fire service, etc.) has developed an emergency plan. Joint training is carried out with local fire services and the results of such exercises are incorporated into the emergency plan.

Success can be measured
The success of Martinswerk's policy in SHE can be seen in our the lower average rate of accidents compared with that of the German chemical industry as a whole. Our consistency in the implementation of the SHE policy has convinced its insurors and Martinswerk is now recognized as a "high protected risk" business with corresponding premium rebates.
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