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Values and mission

Dedication to Quality
The quality of our performance is a decisive component enabling us to achieve leading positions in our selected markets. We view quality as the understanding and continuous satisfaction of our customers' requirements and expectations with due regard for our social, ecological, and economic obligations. This applies equally to both our products and our services.
Our organization is oriented to permitting efficient decision-making at the level of the individual customer. In all our activities we strive to achieve an above-average standard of performance, and dynamic development is viewed by us as the only road to success. Progress along this road is measured against objective evaluation criteria.
A truly quality-oriented corporate culture can only be created by a motivated work force; prerequisites are: flexibility, identification with corporate goals and the readiness and ability to assume responsibility. Accordingly, we encourage competence, motivation, and collegial initiative and action and orient our managerial style towards the achievement of those goals. We have implemented a quality assurance system based on widely recognized standards and which is deeply ingrained in all business processes. The system is being continuously improved.
Quality through competence
The qualification of our employees acquires a special meaning in relation to our strategic orientation as a supplier of customer-oriented solutions. Our business success greatly depends on the professional and personal competence of our people and which eventually determine the quality of the products and services offered by us.
To ensure and develop this long-term benefit for our customers, we extend our efforts not only to the technical and academic qualification of our employees but also to their personal skills in the spheres of communication, personal responsibility and customer orientation. Motivation and team spirit are deeply embedded in the company's culture and are openly encouraged as key factors in success in the global market place.
In addition, much emphasis is given to the recognition of health, safety and environmental aspects as integral components of all work processes.
Innovative solutions
All industries subject to shorter technological cycles: brought about by rapid technical improvements or changes to market and other constraints. Products and processes must be optimized ever more quickly.
Martinswerk is well-equipped to face the changes: in continuous dialogue with customers its industry specialists develop innovative solutions and processes aimed at improved and new products, the optimization of production processes and /or raw material yields .
Finally our own mission to offer innovative solutions obliges Martinswerk to remain at the leading edge of technological advance.
With our exports accounting for about 70% of sales and with representation in about 50 countries of the world, we have accepted the challenge of meeting the specialized needs of world-class customers.
The intmate familiarity of our agencies with specific regional market requirements coupled with Martinswerk's knowledge of specific industrial solutions and international logistics know-how enable us to meet this challenge of increasing our presence in key growth markets with confidence.
Customer before product orientation
As a supplier of high quality products we see our future in the development of specific solutions. To ensure long-term customer satisfaction, we analyse his concerns and offer tailor-made products. If the customer's requirements cannot be satisfied with the company's aluminium hydroxide and oxide products we are geared to switch over to other basic materials for example magnesium oxide and hydroxide or organic resins.
To provide the best possible service for our customers, the company's strategic business units have been organized to use their professional competence for direct consultation and development of a continuous dialogue with customers.

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